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I was born in 1967, Rotterdam.
When i was a child, my father who was a building expert often came home with lots of stuff to draw with. My brothers and i liked to draw, and spend lots of time together doing that. We came up with a lot of strange shit, but it was fun.
My interest of tattooing came at a young age, because my uncle had a few old-skool tattoos, like a sailors grave, betty boop, a pinup and other stuff. He also had a short career of tattoo artist right after WWII.
I was always asking my parents if i could have a tattoo, but as most of the parents, they said to wait till i was 18. Guess what… i didn’t.
When i was 13, i jumped on the subway train to get my first tattoo. I got it at 11.00 in the morning, i read the sign that said that i could get the “artist” across the street at the pub. So there it was, my first tattoo! A little cartoony doghead! My parents where not amused.A friend of mine was tattooing at his house, he was putting something on my leg and i asked him if i could try it one time. He agreed, gave my some skin on his leg and then it hit me… I like this!
In 2000 i decided that tattooing was the thing i wanted to do, and i started at my house in the basement, learning my friends! some of them i still see, so it wasn’t that bad :p
After 18 bosses i was sick off working for someone and when the last asshole had fired me, i started my own shop.
With alot of help from tattoo mick (Dordrecht) who helped me explain lots of things about tattooing in the beginning, i managed to come where i’am now. Still, i try to learn every day and want my work to become better and better.